How To Win Giveaways

Seen others win something you wanted? Or are you just not having any luck with them at all? Here is some ways and guidelines that can help you win some in the future!

Why should you listen to me? Well, here’s why:

I have won multiple giveaways these last couple of years. I was like you, never could find any, never came across them, never had any luck… but somehow my luck made a 180 degree turn around!

One) Following Accounts & Entering

I don’t often enter them since I mainly focus on building my personal brand on Instagram, but I do enter them. I have noticed they pop up on my feed more since I have been following more companies, and entering more giveaways. That could be a way through the door to more chances! In fact, that actually is a way through the door, for MORE CHANCES!!!

Two) Keep an Eye Out in IG Stories

Keep an eye out on Instagram stories. Many of those who host giveaways offer extra entries for those who share the giveaway post to their stories, some accounts on Instagram that may be local to you who are bloggers, may also often share giveaway posts to alert their followers on giveaways as well! I do this to enter, and to alert my following, because who doesn’t love extra entries? WHO DOES’NT LOVE A TEAM PLAYER? (LOL).

Three) Follow LOCAL Boutiques

I have noticed that boutiques and spots that are local to me host more giveaways than the international ones. For example, I follow a couple of local boutiques on Instagram (not for giveaway reasons), and I often times see small contests or giveaways as I scroll through them all or just my feed. Local boutiques want to attract more customers, and some even want to expand and start selling internationally, or start selling MORE nationally/internationally to attract more followers, and customers. Even when their giveaways close, they offer amazing deals too – especially those who participated!

Four) Follow Giveaway Hashtags

There are so many hashtags on Instagram, but don’t go searching, #giveaway, luck will not be in your favor if you find them through this overused hashtag. Instead, search hashtags that include a local shoppe for instance I may search up #LexingtonKyGiveaway since I am local to Lexington, and may want to enter in giveaways that are local to me. Or you could search up hashtags like, #SunniesGiveaway if you don’t mind it not being local, but want to enter a giveaway that has a specific product being given away. Either way, you’ll have more luck by searching in those hashtags!

Five) Don’t Unfollow the Host(s)

Just don’t, not only is it rude, but it will definitely ruin your chances at winning future giveaways with that particular brand. When I hosted mine with Raluca Skincare, I had quite a few unfollow me, and so then I unfollowed them and even blocked them so they couldn’t try and take advantage in the future. So, don’t unfollow them any pint during the giveaway, or AFTER. Just because you didn’t win that time, doesn’t mean you won’t later on.

Six) Have a Good and Positive Attitude

When you change your overall outlook and attitude in life, the universe gives back to you, if that outlook reflects a positive image. This goes for giveaways too. Don’t be a bad seed, instead wish others good luck, and think like a winner. If you are always doubting that you’ll win, then that’s how it will be.

Seven) Do Not Throw a Pity Party

This one should be seen as one of the first guidelines. I always scroll through comments in giveaway posts and see people doing a paragraph on why they want to or should win that includes some sad story, or something on the lines of how broke they are. I know how this is, I am broke too; but just because you’re broke, doesn’t mean they are going to pick you, or even want to pick you. Most giveaways select winners based on a random number generator anyway. Also, it is an overall waste of time.

Disclaimer: My tips are just that. Tips. Following these guidelines and tips may, or may not land you a win in a giveaway, but I do know they will definitely up your chances! Good luck to all, and remember, think like a winner, and you could just manifest the win.

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Back on the Farm – Eckert’s Orchard

My relationship with the orchard…

When I was younger, my childhood was spent here when it was once Boyd’s Orchard. It was the place where all the kids knew it for the huge slide while the parents and adults knew it for the place with not only cider donuts, but apple cider. I remember in elementary school we got to visit this place and witnessed the apple cider process and such.

A New Leaf – Eckert’s Orchard

Eckert’s Orchard gave me the chance to come out and experience the atmosphere once again during it’s summer season. I also had the chance to interview the manager at the Versailles location, Morgan Fields who grew up in Woodford Co. so later on down the blog we will get to learn more about not only the farm, but Morgan as well!

Eckert’s Orchard in the summertime was not what I expected, it’s way better!

Summer Time Fruit

In this season, the fruit at the orchard includes the top two sellers: peaches, and blackberries. When we walked down the blackberry paths, it was insane! They were huge, and the bushes made for a magical experience as well as a great photo opt.!

The pictures here don’t do justice, so don’t forget to not only check out Eckert’s website, but also my Instagram for edited photos! Both will be linked at the bottom.

Blackberries that were picked at Eckert’s Orchard

We were told we could taste them while we were out picking the blackberries and it took everything for me to keep myself from eating them as I pluck them from their bush! They were so delicious, and my sweet tooth was going crazy. We managed to feel two baskets full! Not only were and are blackberries delicious, but there are so many health benefits that come with the amazing berry! Such as them being high in fiber, boosting brain health, providing us vitamin C, as well as acting as an antioxidant! Careful though, not all berries you pick will be sweet; here’s a tip on how to pick the sweet ones: feel for softness, not hardness. The harder the berry, the less likely it will be sweet once you bite into it. You can also go to pick, and if it basically falls into your hands as you do so, it is definitely a fully ripened berry! If you feel for texture, the super sweet ones will feel as if they are, “bubbly”, as my sister would describe them. Another tip, pick them yourself! Grocery stores have them, but you aren’t guaranteed completely the freshness nor the taste of a good berry. Every time I go to the grocery store to get a pack full, I end up not getting any cause (this is why you wash your fruit no matter what) I feel for the sweet ones! That is why after experiencing blackberry picking for myself, I recommend it going to a nearby Orchard. If you are in Kentucky, then you should definitely come check out the blackberries over at Eckert’s Orchard!

Elizabeth (my sister) is to the far left, the middle is my fiance Jake, and I am the far right.

After picking (and eating) some blackberries we hitched a ride on the tractor to go pick some peaches!

I never picked peaches from trees prior to this trip either, so it was another enjoyable experience! The same rule applies to peaches as well as blackberries, the softer, the sweeter!

Only one row (as of June 22nd) was ready to be plucked! So I would wait until around the beginning of July to come after their peaches! Their peaches make for a good cobbler, as well as the blackberries!

Photo taken and owned by Caitie Perry

Now on to the fun stuff…

Some activities you can find here include but are not limited to: Humongous slide with more slides to choose from attached, Gem Mining for the kids, play area, resting/eating area with picnic tables, a goat farm, and even tiny train rides for the kids!

Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me on the slide, even though, I am a five foot adult in a child’s body (haha). But as a kid, I remember this slide being the main reason all the kids including myself wanted to come! We would just grab a potato sack, and slide on down!

Gem Mining is such an underrated activity. Many adults don’t want their kids to play in it, but why not? It is such an educating experience and a fun one for the kids! Plus they feel good when they take their ‘gems’ home!

Photo Creds: Elizabeth

The goat farm is my favourite (now that I am too old for the slide) due to the cuteness overload! I wish I had pictures of the goats to share! But I guess you’ll have to go pet them for yourselves.

The Market Place and Treats…

There are so many sweet treats to choose from! I had the chance to taste the Cider Doughnut Sundae which features a cider donuts at the bottom, with vanilla ice cream, whip cream, and whatever toppings your heart desires! They have so many other sundaes to choose from including Brownie Cobbler!

Their market also sells popcorn, apple cider, syrups and homegrown veggies, as well as jam! There is so much you can purchase here including a section of Kentucky locally owned items! I bought their cider donuts, and a jar of strawberry jam as well!

Short Interview with Morgan Fields:

At first I wanted to get a feel for her and wondered why she chose to work here, her response summed up: “I grew up here in Woodford county about 10 min away from the farm, which was owned by different people and was a much smaller orchard. I used to come here to this farm to pick apples as a little girl. In 2013, I needed a part-time- job so I came here and now I am a manager.”

I then asked her what her favourite treat was here at the farm which she replied, “probably the fruit, definitely the fruit.”

Their best seller in the summer? “Peaches”. She continued to explain that, “this is the first year we done the blackberry trellis. We always had them, but we never raised a half acre. We have expanded that.”

The best seller in the fall? “It is a split between the pumpkins, donuts, and the apples!”

It is a great family atmosphere and it is fun for folks and young folks like you to come and hang out. It’s peaceful and you’re away from the hustle and business.

Morgan Fields

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Your Resume Needs a Tune-up

Does your resume need a tune-up?

Mine did; have you hear about new systems designed to look for keywords in your resume to figure out whether or not to toss or to keep! Scary, right? I did not know about the ATS’ being used by companies these days until I took a course that is designed to help those that either just graduated, or are looking for new opportunities for work.

What is ATS you may ask? Well, that can be answered in the course I will be sharing with you guys! I am honestly glad Allison, the founder of the course, reached out to me; because of her course I am getting emails back for jobs I have applied for!

I can’t share everything with you, it is mostly an experience you need to try for yourself, however, I can tell you about my experience and a little about the person behind it!

The course navigation was easy peasy! I didn’t run into any problematic areas, and the workbook sheets she provides via in course and google drive is pretty sweet. They were easily editable and I felt like they really contributed to my new found knowledge of job searching as a whole.

I used to be someone who would freak out about sending a resume because what if “it was too much”, “too little”, “too irrelevant”. This course definitely helped me through a process of erasing those thoughts out of my brain. I feel that I now have a resume that I can actually be proud of and have no worries sending to companies I am interested in!

Some information about the founder:

Allison Margaux created this course that has been accessed across the globe that is designed to help those that not only just graduated but also those who are on the search for new opportunities in the workforce.

More about Allison:

  • Recovering non-profit turned corporate professional. 
  • Worked in the start-up world and was a college professor. 
  • Published writer –about foreign affairs. 
  • Has 4 degrees. 
  • Lived in 5 countries.
  • Lived in 5 different states in the US. 
  • When not working as a career coach, you can find her on her mat practicing hot yoga and hiking.

Why she created the course…

“I’ve seen how much students and young professionals struggle when it comes to getting a job. After putting so much time and effort into their education, many still don’t have the skills to effectively tackle their job search. And, then they put all this effort into applying to jobs and can’t figure out why they aren’t getting interviews and offers. Honestly, it just made me really sad… I wanted to create a course that was relatable and helpful to make sure they have all the tools to go after their dream jobs. It was really important to me that the course covered the entire job life cycle. While students can purchase individual lessons too, the main course has the benefit of going through the entire process… It starts with figuring out what they want and are qualified for, and goes all the way through negotiating salary.”

More about the course according to the founder:

1) The full course is designed to get someone all the way through the job search process, from figuring out what they want and are qualified for all the way to closing the deal and negotiating salary. 

2) The full course includes two times a month live office hours, so you get to ask questions.

3) For anyone just looking for a mini download of helpful information, there are 5 smaller courses available: Negotiating Salary, Resume Writing, Cover Letter Writing, Networking & LinkedIn, and Interviewing. 

4) The full course has an add on of having Allison personally review their resume after the course and then go over it with them during a 30-minute Skype session

5) Anyone can benefit from the course, but it’s especially great for college students and recent graduates.

The snippet above is only a portion of my newly found resume! Seriously though, take my advice and take the course; it has helped me land quite a bit of interviews and definitely boosted my confidence!

Please go visit: for more!

Places You Should Visit In Downtown Versailles, Ky

There is so much you can do in Versailles, Ky! Downtown is the place to go whether you are passing through, visiting, or even living there. Or if you just want to take a day trip and enjoy what this area has to offer! I will be mentioning something you won’t want to miss so read until the end!

Picture taken by Muse Marketing

I had the chance to visit Versailles, Ky for the first time since 2015/ second time ever. And they have cleaned up very nicely downtown! I was super stoked to go with fellow Ky bloggers to downtown Versailles to see all the shops that gave us a little freebie here and there! There were so many amazing places, even some that unfortunately won’t be mentioned, however, the one’s I will mention are great places locally owned by great people!

I would like to first mention this wonderful cafe that is dedicating to serving anyone. Yes, anyone such as those with money, no money, and not so much money. I am so proud to live in a state where serving others and giving back to our communities are a priority. It made my heart just melt when I found out what Spark Community Cafe was doing inside those doors!

About Spark Community Cafe:

This cafe isn’t your ordinary cafe, it is a cafe where anyone can enjoy great food with dignity. They claim this as a “Pay what you can” environment meaning if you have the money, then you could pay the suggested amount next to the menu item on the menu. If you have only some money, then you can pay what you have. If you unfortunately don’t have any money then fear not, you can volunteer in exchange for your meal! What an amazing way of giving back, especially to those who can only give so little. That is what truly makes this cafe special and I do recommend volunteering here, you get a free meal when you do! Plus, it is an amazing thing to add to the volunteer part of your resume.

This idea is backed by One World Everybody Eats (OWEE) which is a “non-profit organization that is dedicated to increasing food security and building community through it’s pay-what-you-can non-profit restaurant model.” This organization supports 60 existing and starting cafes! I am actually mesmerized by how this all works and how they actually kept this going, who would have thought this was possible? I am so glad it is though!

Picture taken by Muse Marketing

I learned quite a lot about this business and how this cafe works. The atmosphere is so welcoming and the message this cafe sends is so inspiring!</

I had the chance of trying out their cheese cake and it almost blew my wig off (I don’t really wear a wig, FYI.) It had the creamiest texture and at the bottom had an amazing gram cracker crust that was super delicious! The added strawberry on top was the icing on the cake! I give their cheese cake 5/5 stars!

For more information on Spark Community Cafe, please visit their website: and you can also follow them on Instagram @sparkcommunitycafe .

One of the next spotz we visited was Spotz Gelato (see what I did there)!

About Spotz Gelato:

It is so beautiful and creative on the inside that I felt like I stepped into a little girl’s dream – there was so much pink! And polka dots, but pink was definitely the dominant colour! Spotz Gelato may or may not be on Uber Eats or Door Dash, however, they offer catering! Their catering service offers a $500 minimum which covers full service with four flavours of your choice! Yes – four flavours of YOUR choice! For up to 100 guests for up to one hour within a 60 mile round trip from Georgetown, Ky! There are additional offers as well, but that one is a huge hit with the locals. They cater weddings, birthdays, family parties, and also corporate events. They are also a part of Kentucky Proud.

I had the chance to try their strawberry gelato which did not disappoint! It was kind of like a mix between an iced slushy and frozen yogurt in my opinion. It didn’t have the exact consistency of your average ice cream, but it is still yummy!

Learn more by checking out their website: You can follow them on Instagram as well @spotzgelato .

We then headed across from Spotz Gelato over to Mrs. Rogers Popcorn & Sweet Shoppe where not only were the goodies sweet but the workers and owners as well!

Picture taken by Muse Marketing

More about Mrs. Rogers Popcorn & Sweet Shoppe:

This shoppe gave us each a complimentary bag of popcorn. The popcorn was super sweet and to my surprise has bits of white chocolate on the popcorn pieces! I didn’t see them, but tasted them and it was delicious! I highly recommend this place for all your sweet tooth needs!

You can contact this shoppe via phone number: 859-457-771 and can find them on IG @MrsRogersPopcornandSweetShoppe .

Picture taken by Muse Marketing

Next place I’d like to share with you is the Rolling Oven; a mobile pizzeria that can fulfill your pizza and beer needs with a variety of each to choose from!

Picture taken by Muse Marketing

More about the Rolling Oven:

I had never been to this place prior, but it was a fun experience since we came on “watermelon day”. I tried their watermelon beer and it actually wasn’t that bad considering I took more than one sip and I can’t take the taste of beer. It was a sweeter blend then most I have tasted but for me I had to ask for another drink. I asked the bar tender what he would recommend that was also the sweetest ting there and he came back with a Grand Mimosa. That alcoholic drink I could actually stand and I did get to thoroughly enjoy.

Picture taken by Muse Marketing

With it being watermelon day at the Rolling Oven, there was a watermelon challenge that you could participate in to win a free pizza/gift card.

Picture taken by Muse Marketing

And the winner was… a tough one because anyone can see that it could have been called a tie. (I am pretty sure I won though *wink, wink* I’m on the far right.) But the winner was a fellow Ky blogger on Instagram as @Fod_for_thought, Brandon! It was actually pretty dope she won and the photographer (@musemarketinglex) caught her hand gestures, priceless! It was a fun challenge and I do plan on taking part in it again.

Last but Not Least… The Amsden:

The Amsden is a cute little cafe that is attached to a cute little store that sells local Ky made items! I had the pleasure of trying their Lavender Sparkler drink that was like a club soda. I loved the fizz, however, the garden taste was unexpected! I do think everyone should try it though! They also serve some pretty great coffee!

You can find out more about the Amsden cafe at their Instagram, @theamsden .

Final Thoughts

Downtown Versailles has much more to offer and I hope someday soon I can visit the rest of the stores and such this community has to offer. Big thank you to Marie Pullen at Back-road Bluegrass Blog (IG: @bluegrassblog) for inviting me to tag along and for coordinating this event! Also a special thanks to all the shoppes mentioned in this blog, I truly enjoyed the whole experience!

Sun Valley Farm “At the Crossroad of Bourbon & Horses”

I went on a thoroughbred nursery tour, and my goodness the foals were adorable!

I went with a group of fellow Kentucky Bloggers to Sun Valley Farm to enjoy a nice day and for their thoroughbred nursery tour which I enjoyed very much. Between the complimentary wine and catering provided by Sweet Lili’s Catering and Equus Vineyards, and the foals it was truly a nice afternoon!

The whole time I was with the horses and learning more about how Sun Valley Farm cares for the foals, I was missing my hometown of Garrard Co. Kentucky. Versailles is such a gorgeous place out in the country. It pretty much took me back in time and made me feel nostalgic. I am a lover of animals, and getting to know the process of their care and such had me in awe. It was an educational experience that I had actual fun on and enjoyed thoroughly. The staff was super kind, and very knowledgeable of what they were explaining which gave more of a professional vibe while on the tour. I definitely recommend Sun Valley Farm if you are someone wanting to look into the business of horses or simply if you would like to treat your children to an amazing experience that involves petting the horses!

Photo taken by Muse Marketing Photography

While attending this event I had been invited to with fellow bloggers in Kentucky, I was alone as in, I came by myself not knowing anyone personally but following their accounts and connecting with them via the web. So I was scared to go to this event, I didn’t think my anxiety would allow me to truly enjoy myself. Boy was I wrong, I didn’t feel left out, nor like any of them were strangers. I felt instant connections with not only the foals and horses but those who are in the same boat as me as well as the owners of Sun Valley Farm. This was definitely an experience for the books.

Here are some more photos from the tour:

You’ll never know what you will run into while on this tour…

We ran into many different things while on the tour here at Sun Valley Farm (located in Versailles, Ky.) Such as a mama horse getting an ultrasound to see if the baby is healthy. I never seen a horse receiving an ultrasound, it was such a private moment I felt I was intruding on, but it was so interesting and I had to take a peek! It was a little awkward as the man’s hand and arm was deep in there (AND I MEAN DEEP IN THERE), but it was such a beautiful sight as you turned your focus onto the monitor and viewed the ultrasound. It was an experience I finally can mark on my just written down bucket-list!

You don’t just find horses and foals here, but cats as well! While me and the other Ky influencers/bloggers waited for the tour to start, a cat came out of the bathroom of the tiny room we were waiting in. A medium orange and some white furred cat jumped on the table just looking for someone to pet him. His name was Sheldon, and the tour guide (son of the owners) Brett shared with us that he had the sniffles. He was so cute though (the cat, sorry Brett.)

Some more information about Sun Valley Farm:

Sun Valley Farm was also home of the top two ranked horses on the Kentucky Derby Trail since 2013. I find that to be a super cool fact that I am sure they are proud to have!

They offer daily tours starting at 9;30 am, that start at just $20 you can book your tour online at: !

Where is this farm located you may ask? Well, put this into your Google Maps or whatever map app you may use: Sun Valley Farm 556 New Cut Road Versailles, Ky 40383.

Big shout out to the wine company that helped cater along side Sweet Lili’s Catering, Equus Vineyards!

Photo taken by Muse Marketing Photography

The drink I tried was a Blackberry Chardonnay, I do so believe. Unfortunately, I haven’t acquired a taste for wine or that particular one. It was sweet at first, but the aftertaste wasn’t for me. I do however know that all the others enjoyed the wines and I think those who have the taste for them would enjoy a local winery such as Equus Vineyard!

Photo taken by Muse Marketing Photography

Sweet Lili’s Catering is definetely a catering service I enjoyed! The food I tried from them was:

  • Mini Candied Bacon BLT
  • Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onion Tarts
  • Caprese Skewers

The food was delicious!

Photo taken by Muse Marketing Photography

We also not only got to enjoy some treats with the owners of Sun Valley Farm, we got the chance to see their beautiful historical house which was built near/in the late 1800’s.

I met some awesome people that day, and experienced some amazing things!

One more shout out to the amazing woman who coordinated/organized this event, Marie Pullen! She is a blogger from Kentucky; you can find her website and read her blogs here:! I met her for the first time yesterday and she is such an awesome person! I love her personality and how she lights up the room. She is truly the life of the party!

Photo taken by Muse Marketing Photography

Websites of the Businesses Mentioned:

Me Too – Behind the Article That Grabbed Many of Y’all’s Attention

I wrote an article on my personal account of domestic violence and rape in a relationship not too long ago via Vocal to share my story and to spread awareness of domestic violence. In the article I expressed how I felt and how it almost destroyed me. I will say this, I didn’t let the relationship nor the guy destroy me. I refused to hide my hurt, guilt and pain, because someone needs to break the quiet cycle. I wanted and still want to encourage others that they aren’t alone and to speak up.

When the #metoo movement came out, the platform was my safe haven. It encouraged me to share and encourage others. I wrote that article because not only was I going through depression and needed closure, but because it felt safe to share because of that movement.

The article not only set me free, but others, maybe even you, free too. That is the final step of the healing process, to feel closure and freedom. I had finally let go of all my restraints and provided myself with closure, the article.

Don’t be afraid of judgement nor hate. Did I receive hate and blame after I spoke out? YES, of course I did. I lost friends, and even some important people in my life once I shared what I had been through. I was called a liar, and so much more I wouldn’t even call another being. I received nasty feedback, however, it was no where near the amount of support I gained. My real friends stuck by me, and I even gained a community of friends I could relate with. Coming out was a true blessing to find I wasn’t alone and there were others who could connect with me on that level.

Haters will always be there but there are more lovers than haters, I promise you.

My Me Too article is the second reason for my upcoming untitled book. I am in the works right now of a book that’s intentions are to spread awareness to teen domestic violence and encourage those who suffered like I, to speak out. This book is going to empower young survivors, and provide closure to most of you, that is my number one goal of the book. The book is set to launch in December 2019 as of right now. If all goes well it will be purchasable as an e-book Dec. 3rd 2019. I will be having contests and giveaways soon for some to have the chance to read it for free, so keep an eye out near August!

If you would like to check out my article please visit the link:

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New Skincare Products You Will Need in Your Cabinets for 2019

Photo captured by Mary Adams, Edited by Me

You may be wondering why I am smiling a little more these days, well I can tell you right now that it is because of my tooth paste (shout-out to Crest 3D whitening tooth paste)! But not only because of that but also I have been using two of my most favourite skin care products! Raluca Skincare definitely hooked me up, well us up because by the end of this blog you will have the chance to receive a 20% off discount on Raluca’s website with my code they gave me to share with my followers! YASSS TO SAVING MONEY! Am I right?

Raluca Skincare is a skincare line that is all natural, based in Canada! What do they have to offer? Great variety of face masks, face serums, soaps, body butters, bath salts (DO NOT INGEST), lip balms and body scrubs! There is so much to choose between, and from! The ingredients are always natural, GMO AND CRUELTY FREE!

They have two different face serums you can try! Such as the Everlasting (anti-aging) Face Serum, as well as the Revitalizing (antioxidant) Face Serum, which I have actually tried! I can testify that the Revitalizing face serum is my go-to in my collection that is chilling in my bathroom. I usually skip the serums but this one has me using it religiously! It is so soothing, and though it feels oily at first, it sure leaves my skin soft and healthy, not to mention, glowing! My Fiance wanted me to add that he thinks it makes your skin feel as soft as a baby’s butt (help me).

There are three face masks on the site as of right now! They’re all powder and again, all natural! You can choose between these three: Fruits & Clay, Charcoal & Clay, and Matcha & Clay! I tried the Charcoal & Clay because for one it is a detox mask which is my favourite for face masks, and for two, I am allergic to bananas, and its extracts (stupid latex food allergy) which is always in my experience, in charcoal face masks! Every charcoal face mask I have tried in the past has broke me out, burned my face off, and/or reddened my face for a couple of hours. But this one does the trick! No banana extract, so it is safe for me and those of you who may share this allergy with me! After I tried this mask for the first time, there was no going back! I will keep coming back to Raluca for more; I will try the others soon.

Does your boyfriend/fiance/husband have stinky feet like mine does? Then opt for Raluca’s foot butter which can be found in the ‘for the body’ section under body butters! Instead of smelling disgusting worked out feet, you could be smelling double the mint! I would also recommend the Sweet Orange body butter why you are there.

With so many options to choose, there is something for someone in the family, or you can just treat yourself like I do sometimes (all the time)…

My photo, Raluca’s Products

Since you have stuck around for the whole blog…

I know, you want that awesome discount! But you must first subscribe to my blog! Once subscribed, you will get an email from me with the 20% off code! Happy subscribing, happy shopping!

If you are already subscribed, CONGRATS! You should check your email. Don’t forget to visit Raluca Skincare’s website,

The Ultimate Digital Planner Content Creators Need

A newer company

Creating content and being 100% all the time gets tiring and sometimes too much for us to handle. Luckily, I found an amazing planning subscription that can help! I am currently filling out my planners as we speak! The digital items you receive are also printable! I really enjoy the highlight covers for Instagram they send you too, so cute and fun! I use them as inspiration and I make my own usually, but I have used a couple of them they sent! I just like all of my highlight covers to match! But the weekly planner (as shown below) is so handy, and very useful!

Weekly planner from Simplify Subscription

The wallpaper that was sent is just the cutest thing ever! I enjoy soft colours and fun quotes so getting sent the wallpaper like that was such a surprise that I didn’t actually expect, the one they sent for June is so ridiculously pretty! I also liked the fact that the background still makes the desktop readable and you can still clearly see the icons!

Simplify wallpaper

There is also a “Get It Done” checklist! You just type down the task or reminder on the lines in list form! I know a bunch of us are always on our electronic devices so we may forget about a physical form of a checklist, but where you get a digital one you can edit and stuff, it makes it easier to remember!

There are several amazing digital sheets/products you get from this subscription! I can’t share all of them, but I shared some! One more thing I would like to share is also a worksheet you get where you can answer questions and keep tabs on your goals and etc. Very handy and nice, especially if you enjoy using a journal!

Worksheet from Simplify

The reason I am sharing this digital subscription box with you guys is because it has helped me organize more than just my tasks I need done, but my thoughts as well. I truly benefited from the items sent, and I feel you would too!

If you would love to check more about this subscription box, then please go visit:

Check out their Instagram too! Their handle is, @simplifybystartupchic

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The Green Tea That You Need In Your Life

Matcha Organic Green Tea

This tea which is labeled, MATCHA Organic Green Tea, was not what I expected honestly, I am not a hot tea lover (I’m too southern for that) however, this tea is amazing, and the best part of my morning routine now! The past three days I have been drinking a cup of this and already seen results. Some use this as a weight loss method, and a dietary supplement, I use it because it helps me control oncoming binges.

Possible TW – Eating Disorder

As some of you may or may not know, I struggle and am currently recovering from EDNOS (Eating-disorder-not-otherwise-specified) now labeled OSFED. I suffer from an eating disorder where I obsess over food and after long periods of depriving myself from food I would binge-eat until I made myself sick. I would constantly act upon bulimic urges. Thankfully, I have friends and family that are helping me heal and supporting me through recovery. When I received this tea powder I had no idea it would change my life, even in little as three days I have noticed its impact. This product helps me control my appetite while giving me the necessary amount of fiber so I can eat three times a day without guilt or anxiety about a binge. I haven’t deprived myself since starting this tea, I honestly feel better than I ever had before!

I recommend this tea powder 100% it is effective, and tastes just like a green tea would. I had expected it would taste too healthy, but it is actually quite delicious!


I wanted to share this product with you because for one, it has helped me. Secondly, I know a few of you all are trying to lose weight/trying to control your appetite, and would have a fantastic and SAFE experience using this product. Lastly, it is ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE, and USDA approved.

For more information including the nutritional facts for this product visit their website:

Matcha Green Tea

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